Roaming co-workers spend a few hours per week at La Terrasse. They attend events if they wish, and can hire meeting rooms.
Regular co-workers are so comfortable amongst us that they regularly come back and have other benefits: access to the community, meeting rooms, etc., and extended hours so they can stay here longer! they are also given an access badge for the site.
Each regular co-worker has a personal, non-transferrable access badge. Passing the badge in front of the access box opens the door. If you lose it, you should inform the site manager as soon as possible.
For roaming co-workers and visitors, there is a doorbell. Someone charming will open the door for you.
The site is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm for roaming co-workers, and from 8 am to 8 pm for regular co-workers.
When there is an event at La Terrasse Discovery +x, the opening times can be extended to meet the event's needs. Tailored to suit your needs...
La Terrasse Discovery +x's strength is its network. You become part of it when you join us! As soon as you arrive, it lets you meet people who drive innovation and are ready to cooperate with you to help you develop your project.
We are always delighted to meet new people. You can of course bring a contact with you by reserving a meeting room or new co-working office so you can work together. And before you do, you can give them a tour of the premises.
The site is built around its members, including how the area and events are organised. We would love to hear your ideas and see how we can put them into practice.
While the chocolate and biscuits available to you are delicious, they don't make for a well-balanced lunch, so we suggest you bring something to eat with you (there's a fridge that is emptied every Friday evening, a freezer, two microwave ovens and dishes on-site) and have a seat at one of the tables!
Not a chef at heart?
You can also have food delivered or dine in the nearby inter-company restaurant.
At La Terrasse Discovery +x, we love giving ourselves a treat. 4 pm is tea time. Enjoy the chocolate, biscuits, coffee, tea… pick your treat! This takes place every day ;).
It's a ritual that encourages discussion with your co-workers and lets you recharge your batteries.
Cleanliness is everyone's business. It's important for everyone to be pitch in: sorting and throwing out waste, doing the dishes, making more coffee… You'll enjoy having a clean cup for your morning coffee, and so will everyone else!
If you make a mess in the work area, everything you need to sort it out can be found in the kitchen.
Major catastrophe? You can ask someone to come and take care of it.
There are expression areas where you can share your ideas and moods or leave messages for your co-workers. If you use a whiteboard, don't forget to erase it when you're done (photos are generally authorised so you can keep a record of your work session).
If you encounter a technical problem (audio-visual equipment, printer, heating, etc.), you can declare the incident to the site manager or leave a message on the form pinned up just past reception.
The tables and chairs are wheeled, so you can arrange the area according to your needs. Everything is modular. Please put everything back the way it was for the next people to use the area.
La Terrasse Discovery +x provides a professional event area.
Meetings based on a specific theme, training sessions, well-being or sport sessions… You can hold events and even co-organise them with the site manager. The events are open to everyone.
The areas can also be made private on request.
The meeting rooms can be reserved by anyone.
As a regular co-worker, you are entitled to use the Team 2 and Team 3 rooms for 3 hrs per month.
If you need access to the other rooms, they are all available for hire. The site manager looks after the schedule. Ask him directly.
There is equipment for all of that on the site. The service is invoiced on a per-page basis.
There are lockers located at the entrance to the co-working area for regular co-workers. Ask the site manager for a key. You don't need to empty it every evening; on the other hand, storing cheese or lunch or any other smelly item is strictly forbidden for everybody's sake!
When you no longer need the locker, remember to free it up for someone else.
If you are a roaming co-worker, I suggest you take your files with you. Other co-workers may wish to work at the desk before you return. If you are a regular co-worker, the best thing to do is store your things in a locker.
So that everyone can work in comfort, each co-worker is asked to keep the sound associated with his activity to a minimum.
Remembering to use basic greetings when you arrive makes life more enjoyable for all (even if it is a bit noisier): "Bonjour", "Hello", "Hola"... Pick whichever language you please and share your good mood as soon as you arrive!
There is a kitchen where you can enjoy all the coffee and tea you wish. Just like at home, there is a living area where you can also relax with co-workers. We all get together for lunch and tea.
You can chat about anything, but remember to keep an open-mind and to be good natured! For everyone's sake, long discussions in the work area are best avoided, especially if they become debates.
Experts regularly come by to advise you and answer any questions you might have, for free. You can get all of the information about the dates and sign up for an appointment if you wish (financial, accounting, legal, insurance, etc.). If you have specific needs, you can make suggestions to the site manager.
His name is Charles. You can trust him to do everything he can to make your daily life more agreeable and to remind you of coming events. He acts as the liaison with all members, puts them in contact with each other, and looks after office and room reservations. If you're looking for someone with a particular profile, he will help you meet them. On the other hand, he does not do the housework and nor will he receive your clients!
La Terrasse Discovery +x is non-smoking, in compliance with regulations.